The latest articles on mortgages

  1. What is the Bank Rate? Why do interest rates change? And what does it all mean for your mortgage repayments? Here’s everything you need to know about interest rates and how they affect you.

  2. The Bank Rate has remained unchanged for the sixth time in a row since it was raised from 5% to 5.25% in August 2023. Meanwhile, average mortgage rates on two- and five-year fixed rate deals have increased for the first time in six months.

  3. Environmentally friendly mortgages: from how much they cost to who qualifies for one, here’s everything you need to know about green mortgages.

  4. Want to renegotiate the price of the property you’re buying? Our guide has the ins and outs on how it could affect your mortgage offer.

  5. Paying off your mortgage sooner could save you literally tens of thousands of pounds. Senior mortgage advisor for Natwest, Michael Gyapong, reveals the top five ways to do it.