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How it works

1. Pop in your property details

Simply input your address and some basic details about your home.

2. Magic happens

Our super-smart algorithm analyses all the latest sales and property data, and voilà! You get an instant estimate of your property's value.

3. Next steps? Your call

If you're considering selling or want to understand more about your home's value, we can connect you with a local expert.

Things that can affect a home's value

The following factors are not included in our online valuations but can affect a home's value.

Unique features

We love them! But our tool doesn't know about your secret wine cellar or funky wallpaper. Sorry, it's not a mind-reader.


We can't see your amazing new kitchen ourselves (our loss), so we can't tell how much value it adds. We'd rather not guess.

Property condition

Is your house pristine or well-loved? We won't know unless you invite us over for a cup of tea. We'll wait for our invite...

Remember, while our online house valuations are great for providing a quick estimate, they are not a substitute for an expert's opinion.

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See what local experts think your home is worth

If you're getting ready to sell or just super curious, we recommend getting a free, in-person valuation from a local estate agent.

A complete guide to selling a home

You’re ready to make the leap and move somewhere new. So how do you get started with the selling process? From getting your home valued to choosing the right estate agent, here’s how it’s done.

Our experts answer your questions

How does Zoopla work out the value of a house?

We use a combination of data sources and algorithms to estimate the value of a house. The data comes from public records, such as property sales and HM Land Registry. Our complex valuation model then analyses this data to give you an instant valuation.

Are Zoopla’s online valuations accurate?

Zoopla's online valuation model is industry-leading and trusted due to its extensive data and 20+ years of experience.

But online valuations have limitations. Algorithms can't consider aspects like a property's condition, features and improvements.

What will my home be worth in 5 years?

Ah, the million-pound question! The truth is, nobody can tell you with 100% accuracy what your home will be worth in 5 years.

But we can keep you up-to-date with the latest property news. Plus, our House Price Index can help you build an overall view of what's going on in the market.

How do I find the value of my home online?

You can get an instant estimate online by simply entering your address. Or you could search sold house prices in any area.

To get a more accurate valuation (otherwise known as an appraisal), we can help you find a local estate agent.