The latest articles on selling

  1. You may need an EWS1 form to sell or get a mortgage on a flat in a block with cladding. We explain what this form is and how it works.

  2. A lifetime mortgage could allow you to release equity from your home while you live in it. Here’s what it is and how it works.

  3. The National House-Building Council’s warranty and insurance cover can protect owners of new-build homes. Here’s the lowdown on what it is and how it might help you.

  4. Selling a home with an issue that’s putting off your buyer? Securing indemnity insurance could be just the ticket. Here we look at what it is and how it might help you.

  5. Getting a lump sum out of the value of your home while still living there can seem like a good idea. But there are important pros and cons to weigh up with equity release schemes, and specific differences in how they work to consider, too.

  6. We look at when you need planning permission for building work and when you don’t so you can make sure you’ve taken all the right steps before you start.