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If you decide to live in Germany you can expect an orderly way of life - clean streets and a well-organised travel network - but who doesn't love that? Find a peaceful state of mind as you marvel at the bewitching scenery and a place to call home in one of the nation's charming yet storied cities, towns or villages.

Things to do

Clichés such as folk dressed in lederhosen, enjoying several pints of beer and perhaps, nibbling on some sauerkraut paint an unfair picture of Germany. Aside from the traditional attire and cuisine on offer, Germany is a nation that depicts a willingness to sustain a high quality of life and an enthusiasm to be at the forefront of life-changing innovations and contributions - attributes which irrefutably help preserve its rich identity.

Cosmopolitan cities like Munich, fairy-tale villages like Mittenwald, and cities steeped in tumultuous history like Bremen help aid the allure of Germany as a relocation destination. In fact, it in 2012 it became the second most popular relocation destination in the world, following USA.

Future residents can experience the dramatic contrast between past and present in Berlin, truly comprehending the city's intense past. They can escape to the majestic chalk cliffs of Rugen Island, drink their worries away at Oktoberfest or feed their insatiable desire for adventure in the Bavarian Alps. Whatever it is, Germany's kaleidoscope of urban vistas will be sure to enthral you.

Places to eat

Despite the fact that Germany doesn't have a specific cuisine, its regions do have their own particular specialities. The fare is simple and most importantly, tasty; and no, it's not a diet rich in sauerkraut, sausages and beer - although that combination does sound oddly pleasing.

Those looking to satisfy their voracious hunger can find a range of regional eateries, food stalls, gourmet restaurants and jovial pubs to their liking, whereas quaint cafes and bistros serve up revitalising caffeinated pick-me-ups that help recharge your batteries. If, however, it's a quick snack that you're seeking, you're in luck, as the birthplace of the doner kebab, Germany rules the roost when it comes to mouth-watering street food. Two notable places to try include Curry36 in Berlin for superb currywurst and Hamy Café for healthy, yet flavoursome Vietnamese fast food.

Due to the fact that a lot of eateries in Germany cater towards meat-eaters, vegetarians can often feel left out, but fear not, veganism and vegetarianism is a growing trend in major cities like Berlin - so even the most fussiest of eaters will be able to find something that pleases their palate.


Whatever it is that you're looking for, be it high-fashion to thrift, in vogue to old-fashioned, international to regional specialities, the shopping scene in Germany certainly caters for it. Dedicated shopping districts like Zeil in Frankfurt and a plethora of shopping centres that can be found in a majority of the cities and towns, allow you to shop until your heart's content.

The more style conscious can find a selection of native brands like Birkenstock, Hugo Boss and Adidas, as well as a bevy of international favourites to their liking. If, however, it's quirky, alternative fashion that you seek, a number of vintage outlets and independent boutiques help you look your best at all times.

Getting around

Getting from city to city in Germany is an utter breeze thanks to the seamless network of buses, trams, trains, and subways that are present in the major cities and towns.

The public transportation on offer is not only great for getting you conveniently from A to B, it also provides you with excellent avenues to explore Germany's vast, natural beauty. The locals preferred choice of transport - the car - offers some of the finest photo opportunities available.

Additionally, there are many designated bike paths dotted all over the country; meaning that Germany is also a nirvana for passionate cyclists. The designated routes, found in regions like the Rhine, allow cycle enthusiasts to discover some of the country's moody forests and lustrous meadows.

Those seeking to travel further afield will come to find that a majority of major airlines fly to and from some of Germany's main airports - which can be found in cities like Cologne and Berlin.

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